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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  August 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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>> reporter: so around here, they refer to dr. k as semi-retired. that means they're still allowed to call him up for advice, and he has another impact, he's inspiring the next generation of doctors. >> that's a big part of why i went to medical school is to be able to, you know, have that impact, that touches those patients' lives, that they remember that doctor, that you're not a face coming in the room every morning. >> why do you think your patients seem to like you so much? >> well, because they are survivors. >> reporter: not just surviving, but also thriving, just like dr. k. in georgetown, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and that is a wrap on the 10:00 but the news edge at 11:00 is ready to go, and starts right now. >> this is fox 5's news edge at 11:00. we begin the news edge with breaking news. i'm will thomas. prince georges county is where
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we're heading. police are on the scene of a shooting involving a 2-year-old boy on bright road in landover. about 9:15 this evening, we're told officers went to the location for the report of a shooting. when they arrived, officers found that a child had been struck by a stray bullet while playing outside an apartment building. the child was taken it a local hospital to be treated. the child's condition is unknown at this time. detectives are on the scene and no suspects at this time. we'll continue to stay on top of this for you. more wicked weather on the way. this after lightning strikes already sent two people to the hospital and one man to his grave. it is an ugly reminder, the dangers of this deadly weather phenomenon. here's more. >> reporter: these pictures captured lightning from the approaching storm as it roared into the area. within minutes, the sky opened up, sending people scrambling for cover. in arlington, the worst thunder
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and lightning many had ever seen or heard before. >> and i heard the explosion and everything, and it was terrifying. it was like gun shots going off almost like a firework it sounded. >> reporter: two people walking under a huge tree at franklin street, beside a metal fence with an umbrella were both hit by lightning. >> the lightning was nonstop and the last crack of thunder was so close. it's the loudest thing i've ever heard. >> reporter: when lightning hit the man and woman it shattered the lenses in their glasses and knocked their shoes off. >> it was a loud explosion and it kind of shook our house a little, scared the dog, and then a few minutes later, i heard some fire engines coming. >> reporter: the victims are still hospitalized in serious condition, with more storms expected sunday, the national weather service says it's important to know what to do. you should get to a safe place if you see a thunderstorm developing. fully enclosed buildings are best, but a hard top metal
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vehicle will work too. don't use a land line with a cord or other electrical equipment, and remember, water pipes conduct electricity, so don't take a bath or shower during a storm. warnings these arlington residents say they'll take to heart during the next storm. >> we're going to definitely stay inside like we did, and i even unplugged my computer just in case. >> reporter: a final reminder, someone who's been struck by lightning needs immediate help. don't be afraid to touch them. their bodies are not electrically charged. in fact, someone performed cpr on the woman who was hit in arlington and they were able to revive her. audrie barnes, fox 5 news. a newport man suspected in the death of his wife and three children are in jail tonight. 36-year-old john reagan was arrested in south carolina. the bodies of 32-year-old
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crystal reagan and their children ranging from 6 to 15 years old were found friday in their burned apartment. police are bringing reagan back to virginia where he has warrants for four counts of murder. president obama and gop candidates vying for his top job are talking up their plans for job creation in an effort to win your vote. rich edson explains tonight. >> the 2012 campaign season is on. president obama and the republicans who want his job are vying for votes across iowa, talking up their small business agendas and shooting down ideas from their opponents. the president drove through the hawkeye state, sold as a way for the administration to sell job creating ideas for americans. the president also touted federal funding to help them get loans. >> we're ramping up our efforts to capital in small business areas. we're doubling the commitment we've already made through key
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small business programs. >> the administration says its $360 million boost in government small business credit funding will provide more than $3.6 billion in new private lending. the new funding ranges from nearly $98 million from florida and about $13 million for four states and washington dc. next month, officials say the president will unveil a new job creation plan, including some of the proposals introduced before, infrastructure spending and extension to the payroll tax cut and a tax credit for hiring military veteran snoos we've got a lot of work to do and the only way it'll get done is if if democrats and republicans put country ahead of party. >> they say the government can help job growth by avoiding tax increases, new spending and new regulations. that's it for the small business report. rich edson, fox business network.
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right now, the news edge is everywhere at 11:00. could prosecutors drop charges against the former imf chief accused of raining a maid. the lawyer believes this is a sign that prosecutors will seek to have a judge dismiss some or all of the charges against domnique strauss-khan on tuesday. the men detained in iran were sentenced to a total of eight years in prison each. they received three years for illegal entry and five years under espionage. in iran, spying is punishable by death. the hikers have 20 days to appeal. as you know, a gorgeous day today, but what about tomorrow. i hear there's some change in the forecast. how about it? >> there's definitely changes. we're seeing the clouds roll in tonight, will. we'll definitely have to keep
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our eyes to the skies and i'll give you the details right after the break. stay with us. 
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>> plenty of blue skies and we had a bright day today. hopefully you got out to enjoy. 79 in the district, 75 at gaithersburg, 77 at hagerstown, 74 at martinsburg and tomorrow we'll see a big change in the temperatures. we'll have a big temperature rise. we have a southerly wind flow that will heat things up. increasing clouds tonight and we're watching this out west, a frontal system is heading our way and we'll see some rain showers and also some storms and some of those storms could be severe before it's all said and done. this frontal system will cross over into tomorrow night bringing the wet weather with it. some of it will be heavier at times as well. the good news, it will set us up
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for sunshine and bright skies and a little bit cooler air as we head through the beginning of the week and tomorrow, we're really going to have to watch the storms into the course of the afternoon. here's a look at future cast for you and it shows you by the #i hour, things start to pick up out west, and in the afternoon, we have plenty of rainfall, stronger areas of heavy rainfall and storms that will be kicking in and they woept be out of the way until the evening and tomorrow night. by the overnight hours we get a lot of improvement. tropical storm irene is expected to become a hurricane by monday as it poses a threat to the us virgin islands and as you can see, right to the south of florida when it starts to weaken out a little bit and become a tropical system once again. five-day forecast, a hot 90 degrees tomorrow with the storms in the forecast, plenty of sunshine, monday and tuesday, tlooi through the hump day on tuesday, happy to see that and another system by thursday. our temperatures will start to drop a little bit with the
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cooler air as well. >> glenn, thank you. here's a question. is fred flintstone driving the streets of roseville, mitchell mcconnell? you decide. he tried to stop his truck like he was driving in bedrock. his trucks had no brakes but he thought his feet could do the job. he struck four cars, but guess what, no one was hurt, except maybe the bottom of his feet. nissan sports extra is around the corner. >> after last night a walk-off win, could the nats provide the home crowd with another exciting performance and we'll look at the redskins rookies and their early contributions to the team two games into the season. and we'll have more on the anticipated basketball match up between the good man and the other league. you don't want to miss it. >> i'm back tomorrow at 6:00, 10:00 and 11:00.
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>> welcome to the nissan sports extra. i'm lindsay murphy. happy to have you join us for nissan sports extra. coming up, forget the nba lockout. it's the east versus the west.


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